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Digital Brand design

Digital Branding is a fast-growing scenario of high-traffic websites in competitive online verticals. Our focus is to train students about the next generation of pro-consumer sites, providing users with expert reviews, engaging content and distinctive user experiences. We train about designing web site with user experience and end of the course they are going to be in a position to design there own websites and all the design visuals for there marketing activity.

Digital Brand Marketing

Due to the way the Internet is fast evolving, especially through the social web and social media,there is now a plethora of digital channels which can be used to hold a dialogue between a Brand and a Consumer, or groups of consumers. Digital brand engagement is brand engagement with a key focus on communication via the web. predicted the Internet would evolve to a point where the consumer holds the "power" and no longer could the corporate world continue to communicate to their markets (the people they wish to interact with) in a push marketing or broadcast manner. How right they were.

The Internet has evolved and people/consumers can now be very selective about which brands they choose to interact with; and have the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings globally.Such mediums on the social web including blogs, micro-blogs, forums, social networks, groups within social networks, bookmarking sites, imagery and video sites can all be utilised by consumers; and they are doing just this in their thousands.

Brands can take notice of what is being said about them, their product or service by monitoring conversations taking place outside of their own website, through "buzz monitoring" tools and there are a number of tools to choose from. The value of the information provided is proportional to the time and expertise dedicated to configuring and analysing the data provided.
This value can be increased further when the buzz monitoring data is correlated with onsite web analytics data. It's important to listen and observe the buzz, and analyse its impact prior to engaging.


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